Heartful assassination comedy filled with laughter and tears.
A mysterious octopus-type super monster “Koro-sensei” will be in charge of class 3-E from now!!
A educational policy is an assassination!?

<©Yusei Matsui, Jump comics>


Assassination Classroom (暗殺教室 : Ansatsu kyoushitsu)
Artist by Yusei Matsui.


Suddenly one day, a member of the Ministry of Defense and a mysterious monster with a strange appearance came under the class 3-E of students who collected poor grades and behaviors of “Kunugigaoka Junior High School”.

The dangerous monster who flew in the sky at Mach 20 and destroyed 70% of the moon, declare that “I will destroy the earth unless someone kill me by March next year.”
Furthermore, the monster wish to become a homeroom teacher for class of 3-E in “Kunugigaoka Junior High School”.

Although the government was confused by the incomprehensible request, it asked the students of 3-E for “Assassination of the monster”.
Students are puzzled at first, but they accept it for “Success fee: 10 billion yen”.


It is a comedy school drama that depicts the being gradually growing of students in the assassination, while comically depicting the battle between the mysterious monster, called “Koro-sensei”, which has the ability to destroy the earth, and junior high school students.
It is a story of a year spent by students with “Koro-sensei”.

The first volume of the book was released on November 2, 2012, and in commemoration of that, the official Jump website was hijacked by “Koro-sensei” 56 hours from the same day.

It was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2012 to 2016.

TV animation was broadcast from January to June 2015.
An animated movie was released in 2016.

The episode count is “Class XX” and the subtitle is “Time of XX” each time. However, in the case of subtitles with the same name, it may be “Time of XX, or XX hour”, or “of” may be absent in terms of usage.


Vol. 1 : April

3-E began the new semester with aiming for the assassination to a teacher, Koro-sensei.
Since no one can effectively attack, Nagisa Shiota tried to assassinate at the risk of his life!!, but…

“There is more than one type of talent, look for an assassination that suits your talent.”

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Vol. 2, 3 : May

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 2
(English Edition)

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 3
(English Edition)

Irina, a killer sent by the government, come to 3-E as a new teacher.
Her assassination method cause a class destruction…

“In order to deceive a person, it needs to know the feeling of the other person. It is necessary to devise words.”


Vol. 4 : June

Irina’s master and killer broker, Lovro, appears and demands her to withdraw from 3-E, who is unable to assassinate, but…

“Those without the second blade…, are not eligible toargue assassin’s position!!”

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Vol. 5, 6 : July

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 5
(English Edition)

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 6
(English Edition)

Takaoka is dispatched by the Ministry of Defense, but he was a ruthless and dangerous person who imposes a severe curriculum on the students and mercilessly inflict corporal punishment on the dissent students…

“A person who can be vigilant with respect to the enemy.
On the battlefield, those people are called “There is no chance.””


Vol. 7, 8, 9 : August

Assassination Classroom
Vol. 7 (English Edition)

Assassination Classroom
Vol. 8 (English Edition)

Assassination Classroom
Vol. 9 (English Edition)

Koro-sensei assassination plan at the resort.
The “killer technique” that Nagisa was taught to Lovro is…

“The person that everyone rely on…,
tend to have their own suffering alone.”


Vol. 10, 11 : September

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 10
(English Edition)

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 11
(English Edition)

When the second semester begins, the fact that Kotaro Takebayashi was transferred to 3-A is discovered!?
3-E who got angry with Takebayashi who made a remark that looked down on students of 3-E.
What is Takebayashi’s real intentions??

“You, who neglected to sharpen its blade, are not assassins. It’s same as a child who boasts a rusty blade.”


Vol. 12 : October

Students of 3-E do a free-running in the city to improve their assassination skills, but they bump into an old man and injures him…

“You guys may have become too strong. You are intoxicated by skills you had acquired and forget to put oneself in weak’s shoes.”

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Vol. 13 : November

In a career guidance meeting, Nagisa asks to Koro-sensei if he should use his killing talent and be a professional assassin…

“How can teachers teach students…, without growing up myself every day.”

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Assassination Classroom, Vol. 13 (English Edition)


Vol. 14, 15, 16 : December

Assassination Classroom
Vol. 14 (English Edition)
Assassination Classroom
Vol. 15 (English Edition)
Assassination Classroom
Vol. 16 (English Edition)

3-E challenges ultra-difficult exam to deny the principal’s educational policy…

“Failure and a setback are sources of growth.”


Vol. 17 : January

The 3-E students started to think about the meaning of “killing” after they knew about Koro-sensei’s past.
Kill your teacher or not? Can you kill him??

“All the “relationships” that we have met in this world are a teacher that nurtures us.”

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Assassination Classroom, Vol. 17 (English Edition)


Vol. 18, 19 : February

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 18
(English Edition)

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 19
(English Edition)

The high entrance exam begins, Takebayashi failed to pass the first choice school, but recovered from the advice of Koro-sensei. Nagisa begins to clarify his future goals.

“The exam is good. When become an adult, you’ll almost forget about the knowledge of just cramming the night before. That’s fine. Under the same rules, polish up your skills and expand your brain to compete for results. The experience gained from that result is a life treasure.”


Vol. 20, 21 : March

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 20
(English Edition)

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 21
(English Edition)

Finally, the final assassination plan between each nation starts…
The last teaching by Koro-sensei begins.

“Young assassins.
You who deprive of life now know the value of life more than anyone. It is you guys who have gave value to my life. By teaching you guys, you guys nurtured me.
So please, harvest now with the best murderous intent.”