Give” hope to live ”
The boy met an angel, then he got a power to kill human.
Beginning a battle that stake human’s world and life following the “Death Note” !!

<©Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata, Jump comics>


Platinum End (プラチナエンド)
Writer-Artist by Tsugumi Ohba, Illustrator-Artist by Takeshi Obata.


Mirai Kakehashi, who lost his family in an accident, lived with his aunt’s family.
Losing the energy to live due to the terrible abuse of his aunt’s family, he jumped off the rooftop of his condominium and committed suicide on the day he graduated from junior high school.
However, on the verge of crashing into the ground, the angel Nasse saved his life and gave him the power of an angel.
Nasse also tells him, “There are 12 other people who have been given similar powers. From among them, we will select candidates for new God within the deadline of 999 days.”


Has been serialized in “Jump Square” since 2015.
It is the third work of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

At the final part of Ohba and Obata’s previous work “Bakuman。” , there are keywords similar to this work such as “Angel” and “Wings”.
It is speculated that Ohba had ideas for “Platinum End” work from this time.

In this work, it is a story of human and angels, and an angel ring also appears, but it is drawn with a simple geometric motif rather than a ring with finely decorated Gothic style.

This is a dark fantasy like Ohba and Obata’s first work “DEATH NOTE“, but “DEATH NOTE” had the theme of “evil” and “death”, whereas the theme of “Platinum End” is expected to be “happy”.
Also, “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman。” Was serialized in the weekly magazine, but “Platinum End” is serialized in the monthly magazine and is well worth reading each episode, and it is the development of the story following the next month’s magazine.


Vol. 1 to 2 : Mirai and Saki

Platinum End, Vol. 1 (English Edition)

Platinum End, Vol. 2 (English Edition)

Thirteen god candidates who suddenly gained the power of angels.
Whether to use that power for “Desires” or “Justice”…

The angel descends on one instead of a death god this time.
A new battle for each desire and justice starts!!



Vol. 3 to 8 : Mukaido and Uryu

Platinum End, Vol. 3 Platinum End, Vol. 4 Platinum End, Vol. 5
Platinum End, Vol. 6 Platinum End, Vol. 7 Platinum End, Vol. 8

Masked hero “Metropoliman” who defeats bad guys.
He become what is called a champion of justice, but it was a decoy to kill other god candidates.

Metropoliman vs Mukaido,
To raise from the dead my family,
To come a bright tomorrow to my family,
The battle for the happiness of each other’s family begins!



Vol. 9 to 11 : Yuito and All God candidate members

Platinum End, Vol. 9 Platinum End, Vol. 10 Platinum End, Vol. 11

New season starting from 9 volumes!
Susumu reveals on TV that he is a God Candidate.
The aim was to let people know about the existence of God candidates and to decide the next God together with everyone in the world.

Is he really just a pure child, or is it a clever tactic that takes advantage of being a “child”?
Keep an eye on his movements from now on!



Vol. 12 :

Coming soon,,,