Dramatic youth story!!
Boys who devoting their youth to volleyball,
with the setbacks, dreams and friendships!

<©Haruichi Furudate, Jump comics>

Haikyu!! (ハイキュー!!)
Artist by Haruichi Furudate.


One day, a small boy, Shoyo Hinata watched the TV of a high school volleyball tournament, started playing volleyball to admire with the ace of Karasuno High School, called “the little giant”.

Shoyo has exceptionally quick reflexes more than made up for short stature, and a passion for volleyball.
However, there were no club-members in the volleyball club of his junior high school.

Shoyo finally gathers members from classmate and participated in the official game of junior high school, but he was crushingly defeated by a team led by prodigy setter Tobio Kageyama who is called “the King of the Court”.

When enter the Karasuno High School, Shoyo join the volleyball club, and he meet Tobio again as a same club member…


The genre is a Youth Sports manga.
The title “Haikyu” comes from the Japanese “排球 (Haikyū)” meaning volleyball.

The high school names in the story often use animal names in Japanese.
Karasuno (烏野) : Karasu – Crow
Nekoma (音駒) : Neko – Cat
Shiratorizawa Gakuen (白鳥沢学園) : Shiratori – Swan
Hukurōdani Gakuen (梟谷学園) : Hukurō – Owl
Nohebi Gakuen (戸美学園) : hebi – Snake
Itachiyama Gakuin (井闥山学院) : Itachi – Weasel
Sarukawa Kougyo (早流川工業) : Saru – Monkey
Mujinazaka Kougyo (狢坂工業) : Mujina – Badger
Kamonedai (鴎台) : Kamo – Duck

Haruichi Furudate started “Haikyu !!” as “The story of a super terrific setter perfectly matching toss with a spyker”.
Although the portrayal of sports is exaggerated, it is basically based on the play used in real games.
Only the main character’s swift attack is a technique considered by Haruichi Furudate, and it is an unrealistic description that is impossible in practice.

Daisuke Ashihara was influenced by “Haikyu!!” in the making of “World Trigger“.
Posuka Demizu referred the design of “Haikyu”, as reference to “Jump-nize” the drawings of “The Promised Neverland“.


Vol. 1 to 4 : Karasuno volleyball club

Vol. 1:
Hinata and Kageyama
(English Edition)
Vol. 2:
The View From The Top
(English Edition)
Vol. 3:
Go, Team Karasuno!
(English Edition)
Vol. 4:
(English Edition)

Hinata and Kageyama accidentally enter the Karasuno High School and join the same volleyball club, but they quarrel from the first day…

Karasuno High School Volleyball Club,
A beginning until becoming a team aiming for the national competition!



Vol. 5 to 8 : The Inter-High qualifiers

Vol. 5:
Inter-High Begins!
(English Edition)
Vol. 6:
Setter Battle!
(English Edition)
Vol. 7:
Go, Team Karasuno!
(English Edition)
Vol. 8:
Former Lonely Tyrant
(English Edition)

Karasuno, who has successfully completed a practice match against Nekoma, is now ready for The Inter-High qualifiers!

The first official game for Hinata!
Can Hinata overcome Date Tech’s impregnable defenses,
“the Iron Wall”!?


Vol. 9 to 11 : Training camp to Tokyo

Vol. 9:
(English Edition)
Vol. 10:
(English Edition)
Vol. 11:
(English Edition)

Karasuno’s morale rises with the addition of a new managers!
Karasuno is decided to join a training camp in Tokyo!!

However Hinata, Kageyama, Nishinoya and Tanaka have issues that must be overcome in order to participate in the training camp…


Vol. 12 to 23 : The Spring Tournament preliminaries

Vol. 12 Vol. 13 Vol. 14 Vol. 15
Vol. 16 Vol. 17 Vol. 18 Vol. 19
Vol. 20 Vol. 21 Vol. 22 Vol. 23

Karasuno evolved further after receiving many stimuli at the training camp in Tokyo.
The Spring Tournament preliminaries are about to begin!!

Hinata and Kageyama now have a new quick set!!


Vol. 24 to 25 : Intensive training camp

Vol. 24

Vol. 25

Kageyama has been invited to participate in the All-Japan Under 19 Youth Training Camp, while Tsukishima has been invited to a prefectural rookie training camp!

Overflowing with jealousy at the unparalleled opportunities presented to his peers, Hinata is…


Vol. 26 to 42 : The Spring Tournament

Vol. 26
Vol. 27

Vol. 28
Vol. 29

Vol. 30

Vol. 31

Vol. 32

Vol. 33

Vol. 34

Vol. 35

Vol. 36

Vol. 37

Vol. 38

Vol. 39

Vol. 40

Vol. 41

The new year rolls around and the Spring Tournament begins!

“The long-awaited Dumpster Battle”
at the Spring Tournament be realized!?


Vol. 42 : End and beginning

The Spring Tournament edition is finally done.
What does Hinata find in tremendous regret …
New season begins!!